Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fresh Hubby of La Hit's the Internet by Storm!

Dana LaRue of The Broke Ass Bride and Hunter Stiebel came to us wanting to do a Love Story video like no others. They wrote and recorded they're very own rap song to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air intro song. It was off the hook! They sent us the song and Andrea and I went to work composing a shot list of 40 plus shots, and some minor production design and props. We spent an entire day shooting the video with Dana and Hunter and two of their friends. It was probably the most fun we've had shooting a love story! When the video was released online it got over 4,000 view in 2 days, the wedding world loves it, and we couldn't be more thrilled!
Watch the Fresh Hubby of LA below:

Read the Broke-Ass-Bride Article on making the video
Watch, Comment and Rate on You Tube here
Watch the Video in HD here


Max Surikov said...

Great acting and terrific creativity not to mention video editing. Bravo!!!

jorel314 said...

Great video! It inspired the creation of this video...